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Memorial created 01-18-2007 by
Nancy Smith
Whiskey Lee
June 13 1993 - December 22 2006

On this page, I want to recall the best times of Whiskey's life, that glorious, but too brief period, when we moved from Los Angeles to the lovely Nebraska countryside to join my boyfriend of the time. We'd met in LA, but he was done with that lifestyle and ready to move back home. Getting there wasn't easy. Whiskey and I left Los Angeles early in the morning. I had arranged to have him travel on the plane under my seat in a carrier. We landed in Denver and had to take a shuttle bus for the four hour journey to the town in Nebraska which would be our new home. It couldn't have been easy on Whiskey, but he never complained, it wasn't in his nature.


It was November of 1995, just a few days before Thanksgiving. It was during a heatwave that we left LA, and when we landed in Denver it was snowing. I'd never seen anything so beautiful! We were to stay with my boyfriends brother temporarily. I loved the house, and everything about the town from the second I saw it. I felt like I was finally in the element in which I was born to be, and Whiskey thrived there. I'd never seen him so happy.


This was his favorite chair in the sunroom of my boyfriend's brother's house. There was a door in the room leading to the fenced backyard where he would later get the chance to experience the outdoors, and the snow. I still remember the expression on his face when he stepped outside into the snow which was up to his belly. I wish I had taken a picture of it.


Blocking the draft on the cold Nebraska nights

Soon, my boyfriend and I got a place of our own. We rented a cute guest cottage on the grounds of a huge cattle ranch. Whiskey was so happy there, chasing critters and helping me in the garden. There was nothing but land all around us for miles, and dirt roads. Whiskey never left the immediate area around the house. He would bring creatures into the house from outside, often during the night we'd awake to find him chasing a mouse in our bed. We spent nearly a year in that cottage, but things weren't going so well with my relationship. I tried to get a job there, to get a place of my own, but the town was so small, everything was family owned and operated. I had no choice but to move back to Los Angeles, and to stay with a friend until I could get back on my feet. It was tougher on Whiskey than on me, there was always a lot going on at the place where we were staying, and the stress made Whiskey ill with Pancreatitis. Within a few weeks, I got us out of there and into a place of our own.


Whiskey with sister Rachael at left

The new apartment was quite large and had lots of windows. It was in the city, so he couldn't go outside anymore, and I know it made him sad. One day when I thought he was looking particulary down, I promised him we'd get out of the city one day soon. Too bad it wouldnt' happen in his lifetime. Anyway, as the weeks passed, Whiskey got used to the new place, and the new lifestyle. A couple months after we moved in, I got him a companion. I had to work a lot of hours to pay the rent on that big apartment and I thought he might enjoy another cat to keep him company. When I introduced him to his new brother Shelby, another adult male, I anticipated there may be a problem, but there never was. I think they really enjoyed each other. I think Whiskey appreciated the company, Shelby appreciated the home, and I was happy they had each other. I couldn't wait to get home at night and to see their faces in the window watching for me. Just the three of us lived happily together in that apartment for the next two years. It is those particular years that I remember most fondly. Because I was working in cat rescue, the kitty population grew, and I admit we got a little crowded later on, but somehow Whiskey and Shelby handled the new additions pretty well. Eventually, seven of us would live pretty peacefully in that same apartment for the next five years until even more changes rocked our peaceful existence. By now the family members consisted of Whiskey, Shelby, Andy, Farley, Ross, Rachael, and Gem. Out of that group of seven, Whiskey, Farley, and Gem have all moved on to Heaven.


Our new cat enclosure is dedicated to Whiskey-Lee

Things started changing again when in 2001 Gem and Farley died. Their passings left such a hole in my heart, that even more fur children would come and go between then and now, as I continued to work in the field of animal rescue, and mostly in the attempt to fill the void. Things were never the same as they were during the more peaceful years. We haven't added any new members in a long time, and don't plan to. The biggest change of all came a little less than two years ago, I met someone who didn't mind all my craziness. After nearly twelve years of being just me and the furgang, their new Daddy and I married and rented a cute little house. Right after the move, Shelby would be diagnosed with Renal Failure. I really loved that little house, but we wanted our own place, one with a yard and where we could build a large outdoor cat enclosure. So, six months later, in early 2007, I finally made it back to the country, it was two months too late for Whiskey to have been able to join us here.


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