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Memorial created 01-18-2007 by
Nancy Smith
Whiskey Lee
June 13 1993 - December 22 2006

Both of them together, only a memory now

Dear, sweet Shelby, he's still with me, yet it was he who was supposed to go first. With the dawn of each day, I thank God for Shelby, every moment that remains is a precious gift. A few months before Whiskey's sudden death, Shelby was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure, and the disease had already progressed to end stage. Today, July 28, 2007, it's eleven months since diagnosis, and by the grace of God, Shelby is still with me. Each and every day is a precious gift. Shelby's heart is also bad, and the necessary treatment for his failing kidneys has already sent him into congestive heart failure. It can happen again at any time, and will be more likely to take his life than the kidney failure by itself. To complicate matters, he has recently been diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease. One might think he's suffering, but surprisingly, his quality of life is fairly decent. He and Whiskey-Lee were great buddies, together since 1996 as seen in the photo above, of happier times. That period of time was one of the most memorable and peaceful of times, the best of our years together in Los Angeles. Later, other furkids would come and go, and things got out of hand for all of us. But that's another story.......


Meanwhile, Shelby just loves our new country home, I think it helps to keep him going. I'm so grateful that he will spend his last months here. Still, it really breaks my heart that Whiskey, who wished with all his little heart, to move back to the country, never got the chance. Sometimes I think that Whiskey lives on through Shelby. It's hard to explain otherwise how it is that Shelby remains can only be God's will. I pray every day for his grace, and that he will continue to give us more time.


Shelby's not looking great these days despite all I do to keep him thriving for as long as possible. I realize that it's up to the powers that be, but I plead for his life every day. When Shelby dies, I think my heart will shatter into a million pieces. It will certainly signify the end of an era, of a beautiful and peaceful time, a time I still want to cling to.


These two were always together in the early days. At right, they loved that early morning patch of sun that streamed through the bedroom wondow of my apartment.


I've been taking videos of Shelby's last days, or maybe weeks? Dear lord, would months be too much to ask? When Shelby was first diagnosed, I begged God for another year. With only one more month to go, I find myself really frightened, and wishing now that I had asked for more. I'm hoping he'll see Christmas in our new country home. I hear the weather can get quite chilly up here near the mountains, and he's never experienced the joy of resting by a cozy that's our new goal, that he get a chance to enjoy that before he takes his journey to Heaven. Click twice on camera or arrow to view the video.


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