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December 26 2015

In loving memory of our Paco who we love so much. Paco will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.So the day has come to say goodbye and I know I did good to care and love him. Took him to be put to sleep three weeks ago and after the dose they gave him he didn't die he lived three more weeks. he just didn't want to go. He passed in his sleep quietly and I held him in my arms. never a bit of trouble this little fellow. Lived to be 20 years and 8 months old. i will miss him so much. I whispered in his ear what a good little boy he has been and how much I love him. he would nuzzle his little head in my hand and he just wanted to be held and boy did i hold him. farewell my little excellent friend.

my sweet boy

this picture was taken months ago and he was very comfortable. i did my best to always make sure this old one was comfortable. i will miss all the extra care it tool to keep him happy and content. I did good!


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