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Noel Buhay

Memorial created 04-27-2016 by
Noel Buhay
Kokomo Life
February 0 2000 - April 0 2016

I miss you Koko, I will miss you for as long as I live the remaining days of my life, until I have you next to me again. You were my loyal companion. You define loyalty to whole new level. You were always by my side, literally. And in those days when I wasn’t home, you choose to lay on my clothes in the closet. Those days I wasn’t home you wouldn’t even come down to eat. Those days I wasn’t home you comfort me with thoughts of all our good times together. There were times when your mama would even put me on speaker-phone to talk to you because she worried about you.

It’s true that parents don’t ever want to see their children go before them. But the way that you showed me how much you miss me when I was gone was a painful display of what one of us will ultimately have to go through. I would rather take this pain for you Koko. You helped me ease the pain of losing Scully. And your priceless presence helped me beyond words when I was short on air to breath from a world without Susan. Then there was me and you…who will be the last one to carry the pain? I will gladly take it from you my Litalwan. I hope to run with you again. Give your mama a big furry hug and a kiss and Scully a big hug for me and Molly a sweet nudge. I love you my Kokomo, my Little One, my Little Angel!




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