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Bob Dogan

Memorial created 05-11-2016 by
Bob Dougan
September 16 1995 - November 1 2015

In loving memory of our Mary who we love so much. Mary will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Going back to 1995 we decided to get another Abyssinian kitten to keep Barbra company. Living in Connecticut at the time we took a ride to a breeder in Philadelphia PA who had a litter of kittens that were born on September 16th. It was December 23rd when we first set eyes on her and wanted her. We took her back home with us that night.Along the way we stopped at Arby's for a quick bite to eat. Mary was in a cat carrier and she got very vocal when the food can to the car. So i offered her a piece of my Roast Beef and wow she took that meat and also bit my finger. It seems that they were all fed in big trays and had to eat before another cat ate the food.Well we learned Mary was a very agressive eater. Mary was named after the singer Mary Chapin Carpenter. For the next 20 years Mary would always eat a lot. It took her a while to learn that each of our cats had thier own food dish and she would always be able to get enough to eat. As time went on we would let Mary out into the back yard where she would explore and chase anything that moved. Mary loved being outside. Eventually she decided to jusmp the fence and go wandering into the woods. That was something we did not want her doing so we got a harness and a long rope, that gave Mary a 60 ft. cicrle to play in. It took a while but she adjusted and learned to like it. When she wanted to go out doors she would jump up on a chair and wait for her harness to be put on. She would spend hours out doors. She loved to hide and sleep in a lilly patch where she couldnt be seen and felt safe while she would take a nap. She would always come when her name was called. I can remember taking to the pet store for the rabies clinic; we would have her on a harness and a leash and walk into the store with her.There were all sort of dogs on leashes in the store but that really didn't bother Mary. The only thing I always asked the dog owners was to respect her space. There was this one dog owner who told me his dog was really friendly, well I asked him one more time to give Mary her space. Well the dog got too close and too friendly for Mary so she gave it a wack. After that Mary gained the respect that she deserved. As the years went by Mary would spend less and less time outside  and more time sitting in the window just looking at the world go by or between my legs in the recliner as I watched the TV. By the time she was around 17 we noticed that she wouldn't really respond when she was called only to find out she lost her hearing. But that didn't stop her from enjoying her life. We ended up moving to South Carolina and Mary adjusted really well to the move. She really enjoyed spending her days out on the porch napping and enjoying the warm sun. Every once in a while I would take her out side and let her chew on some grass. As she got even older arthrits seemed to set in as she wouild walk more gingerly and really liked the little steps we got for her to make it easier for her to get up on the sofa or the bed. For years she would sleep inbetween the two pillows on the bed where I put a cat bed there just for her. At 20 she got what looked like a little bruse on her lower lip and it just wasn't healing. We took her to a vet and we were informed she had cancer. Well in less than 45 days her jaw was so swollen she just couldn't eat. We were giving her pain meds and i think they helped but her quality of live was no more. All she could do was to sleep and look oh os sad. One of the hardest things we have to decide to do is end our pet's life. I talked to her and I am confident that she said she was ready. I called a Hospice Vet and they came to our home. We said good by to Mary for the last time and held her as she passed. She passed so calm and relaxed and I know in my heart I did what Mary wanted me to do. Stop her pain and suffering. I can't help feeling sad. As I wake durring the night and put my hand where Mary would be only to find an empty space just like that empty space in my heart. The only comforting thing is that Mary is now with Barbra and Barbra will show Mary the way. Mary's body was laid to rest in the back yard under the grass she liked to chew on. We had a stone ingraved with her picure on it to put on her grave. Mary will always be close to my heart and she will always be with me. I miss you, I love you and I will never forget you Mary, you are and will always have a spot in my heart.


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