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To Reagan with Love, Your Poppy

Memorial created 09-2-2016 by
Peter Koch
September 6 2000 - April 11 2016

My Little Boy

In loving memory of my little boy, my son, Reagan.  No words can express how much you are loved.  I miss you terribly each and every day.


Reagan crossed Rainbow Bridge and arrived at Heaven’s Gate in the morning of April 11, 2016. Reagan suffered through a host of gastrointestinal illnesses and kidney disease, leading to his eventual passing. Reagan was content in his final moments.  He was wrapped in his favorite Christmas blanket, and cradled in his Poppy’s arms, when he passed.

Reagan joined his sister Banshi (pron. Banshee) who preceded him in death in 2013. He is survived by his sister, Boodie. I hope Reagan was greeted at Heaven’s Gate by his sister Banshi. Knowing Banshi, she would love to show Reagan around Heaven, and especially how to chase rabbits.

Reagan became “my little boy” when he was just a pup of 8 weeks old. He was strong spirited, clever, smart and a prankster at times,  He was always trying to get away with something. He taught his Poppy the meaning of commitment and patience. Although Reagan was a small dog, he was King of the House. He dominated over his 30 Lb. sister Banshi and 40 Lb. sister Boodie. Reagan was known to smack Boodie on her head with his paw when he wanted his space next to his Poppy.

Unlike many dogs, Reagan didn’t care to play with toys. He was too busy being a “terrorist”. When he wasn’t causing trouble, in his down time, he loved to sun bathe in the backyard, and he loved taking warm showers.

Reagan’s character was one of strength. He protected his home and family with his barking, no matter what or who the potential foe was. At the dog park, he often told other much larger dogs who was boss.  I'm sure he has told God who’s in charge!

Throughout his life, Reagan had several aliases.  Some were:

Reagan, the Little Monkey Boy

Reagan, the Flying Monkey Boy

Reagan, the Pagan

Reagan, the Pterodactyl without wings

Reagano de Bergerac

Reagano, from the Poconos


Reagan in his Christmas blanket at 13 years old

With heavy heart, I honor and say goodbye to "My Little Boy" Reagan.  He will always be in my heart and thoughts.


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