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Memorial created 01-27-2017 by
Carol Pierce
January 27 2017

In loving memory of our Skye who we love so much. Skye will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Skye came to us about 5-6 years ago.,  She was my brother's dog.  

We were asked to dog sit for her/  Then my brother called again and asked if we could

watch her again. That was it.  I asked my mom  to call my brother that we didn't want to give her back.  They agreed because she was being replaced with another dog.

She pulled at our heart strings immediately.  Skye loved playing in the hose when we had it on.  She loved to run through her tunnel for her treats.

Our dogs were never a burden to my mom and me.  We took them everywhere we could

in the car, with their doggie strollers, etc.

She was like her mom, me, she loved to be in the kitchen to eat.

When we first got Skye, she was very food aggressive.  Darlin could not be near her. Slowly she improved.  My girls got along very well and were very protective of each other.  This was my first experience of having 2 dogs live together.  Darlin came to us when she was 8 and SKye was about the same age.  

The house feels empty without her.  The girls always slept together in their doggie bed or in my bed next to one another.

I had a rough weekend.  My boyfriend took me out for awhile, just to get away from the house.  My mom really misses her.






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