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Memorial created 04-3-2017 by
Kimm Boedy
November 11 2002 - April 3 2017


In loving memory of our Luke who we love so much. Luke will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Luke came into our lives when he was 6 weeks old . He lost his side kick Boedy years back and took over the alpha dog role for Payton then Ruger . 

Luke's eyes were breathtaking so much love. Whenever he wanted his time with his Dad he would push the others out of the way and for 12 years he slept on my pillow with his body wrapped around my head ..

Luke helped us raise our children and showed them unconditional love and they showed him unconditional treats and snacks ! Luke was beyond faithful and loyal he would sit outside the bathroom door if I closed it to shower and wait for me . At 14.5 years old he told us it was time and as much as we wanted to ignore it we knew it was . 

There will never be another Lukie - I hope you and Boedy are swimming in the lake!!


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