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Memorial created 01-31-2010 by
Lisa S
January 24 2001 - January 28 2010

In loving memory of our RESTIGOUCHE aka "Cliff" who we love so much. RESTIGOUCHE aka "Cliff" will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.



I am so sorry that I was not there for you when you got hurt.  I had promised your Daddy that I would look after you and I failed.  I wasn't there when someone kicked you.  You were such a funny boy.  I so loved the way you played with the hay wagon when you wanted hay.  You poor baby you had a rough couple of months when you had no hair because of your reaction to the MTG.  You so looked miserable...Auntie Brandy felt so bad but we didn't know.

I remember when I first saw your picture.....I really didn't think you were much to look at until!!!!!!!! I saw you in person and I really liked the way you looked.  Those pictures didn't do you justice.  You were a very big handsome boy who walked right up to your Daddy and said "OK Take Me Home" by putting your nose on his chest.  We were looking at your brother Jerry and was going to only come home with one horse but we made it two after I talked to your Aunt Brandy to make sure..(like she would have said no  LOL) it was ok to bring you home too.

You really had such character.  When ever I would come out to the pasture some how you always made your way to see me but you really wanted your Daddy.  He loved you so and it was so hard for me to tell him that you were going to have to leave us.  He didn't want to make that decision but he did because he knew you were in pain.  When I held the phone up for you to hear your Daddy's voice and you picked up your ears and nuzzled the phone it was all I could do not to be selfish and keep you here for him.  I knew you were in pain and I knew in my heart when I saw your leg that it was severly broken that you would leave us and become an angel that day.  You left this world at 11:54AM that day and I will never forget that day.  Your Auntie Brandy gave me a bit of your tail hair.  I have it and I am not sure what your Daddy will want to do with it but we still a small piece of you with us.

You have 3 sisters up there too run with...yes yes I know 2 are doxies but they will give your healed legs a run for your money 

Cliff, I love you and you will be greatly missed by many.  Love Always, Mommy 1/31/10



I have missed your sillyness sweet boy.  You have a sister, and 2 brothers that have joined you since you went to the Angels.  Dutchess your doggie sister and Harley your doggie brother not too long ago...(that is still to painful to talk or even write about right now.) and Timmy your horse brother.  This has been a hard year.....having lost you then Dutchess and Timmy it has been so so hard on your Daddy and I.  I want you to take care of them they are still new up there....remember Lady is watching you..

Love Always Mommy 1/28/11





Cliff it has been a rough few years since you left us. We still talk about you often and remember your antics. I tell you what. Your horse brothers Luke and Thumper have been really good boys now...LOL Well Luke has always been good but Thumper has been a devil boy...LOL Snap is Snap he is doing good. We love you and miss you. Love, Mommy 1/13/14


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